Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, INC.



Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. provides coastal engineering and marine design services.  With extensive experience in professional engineering as well as coastal engineering studies, the firm provides a hands-on, practical engineering approach to meet the needs of the client.

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. offers professional engineering services including the following:

  •   Environmental Permit Applications and Processing
  •   Sovereignty Submerged Land Consulting
  •   Marine Design (Docks, Seawalls, and Dredging)
  •   Marina Engineering
  •   Shoreline Analyses
  •   Coastal Construction Permit Applications and Processing
  •   Dune Restoration
  •   Storm Erosion Modelling
  •   Coastal Design Analyses
  •   Hydrographic Analyses
  •   Bathymetry (Soundings)
  •   Seagrass Observations

The firm's experience and abilities extend to all project phases from initial feasibility studies, design, and permitting, to contract document preparation, contract administration, and construction observation.  Construction phase services include preparation of construction plans and technical specifications, preparation of bid documents, bid evaluation, pay quantity and contractor pay request verification, and construction observation.  The firm is also experienced in post-construction phase work including coordinating as-built and monitoring surveys, survey data processing and analysis, and preparation of monitoring reports.