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Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, INC.



Harbour Isles

Location: North Palm Beach, FL

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. was involved in the permitting, design, construction observation, and contract administration for this project.


Old Port Cove Marinas

Location: North Palm Beach, FL

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. performed professional services including: seagrass observation, concept planning, environmental permit applications and processing, and Sovereignty Submerged Land Lease processing services for the docks and dredging.  Permitting completed in 2000.  Construction completed in 2002.


Frenchman's Harbor

Location: Juno Beach, FL

Isiminger &  Stubbs Engineering, Inc. worked as a consultant for WCI Communities, Inc. to provide concept planning and environmental permit applications and processing for upland cut canals, dredging, shore protection, and boat facilities.  This development was permitted in 2006/2007. 

aerial photo depicting project plans

2002 aerial photo

011 aerial photo

2013 aerial photo

Sailfish Point

Location: Stuart, FL on the southern tip of Hutchinson Island

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. works as a consultant to the  Sailfish Point Property Owners' and Country Club Association, Inc. to asses their shoreline condition and develop beach management alternatives.  This includes permitting, design, and construction phase services for the periodic maintenance dredging of the Sailfish Point Navigation Channel and dune/beach restoration.


The Resort at Singer Island

Location: Singer Island, FL

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. worked as a consultant to provide coastal construction control line permitting services to WCI Communities, Inc. for the development of a multi-purpose facility including condo residences and a hotel. The current hotel operator is Marriott International, Inc.

2001 aerial photo
2011 aerial photo

Cannonsport Marina

Location: Singer Island, FL

Latitude: 26.78N, Longitude: 80.041W

Isiminger & Stubbs Engineering, Inc. worked as a consultant for CNRI- Cannonsport, LLC. Professional services performed included concept planning and environmental permit applications and processing for proposed reconfiguration and dredging.  A permit was issued by DEP and the COE to expand an existing marina by removing 3 docks, installing a large T-head dock, installing marginal docks, and dredging.

The Marina pre-construction

The marina and the surrounding area
2011 aerial photo